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I know that I've said similar things before, but there are times as a parent that are truly enjoyable, and this was definitely one of them.
Deb & I have been going pretty much flat out with getting gifts & prepping for the Holidays. It was obvious that not alot of spare time was available for Jonathan. So, we planned to make sugar cookies and decorate the tree with Jonathan today. He had been looking forward to this for the past week since we put up the tree last Sunday. Today his excitement was palpable, considering that he was rushing us along in the things that Deb & I had to do before we could get to the cookies & the tree, lol!  BUT, we finally got there, and he started cutting his cookies & decorating them. He could barely contain his enjoyment!  Dough & sprinkles sprayed about (thankfully caught by a well laid out towel), and after they were cooked,  piled high with white, green & red icing. No doubt eating some after his lunch was most satisfying to him (and quite yummy for us as well! ). Then with excitement building again, we moved on to the tree. After explaining to Jonathan that all the ornaments shouldn't go all in one spot/small area the decorating began in ernest, and a few minutes later, the tree was finished. To finish this all up, getting to watch my son, cuddling with his mommy while watching the classic Christmas TV shows; Frosty the Snowman, & Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (in glorious stop motion claymation!! :-) , provided for a wonderful break from a chaos of the Holidaze. :-) 
If we don't get the chance to say it in person to one and all, have a wonderful Holiday (whatever you celebrate :-) ), and a Happy New Year!!


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