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My 43rd year has concluded, and I begin my 44th year of my ongoing mission to seek out new challenges & new experiences in my life as an adult and a parent.

Updates of Important findings from the past year are as follows:

I’ve known her for 20 years and been married to her for 16, and I am still completely & utterly in love with my Co-Captain in all things, Debbi . For whom I would travel without hesitation to the “Second star to the right & straight on til morning”.

The indigenous life (RE: Jonathan) is nearing its 13th year of life with many changes occurring : It has sprouted up in height, now officially taller than one of its parental units (Deb, I’m looking at you . It has also reached the stage where its voice is dropping & randomly generating seemingly odd vocal squeaks while speaking as it matures from its younger form into a young adult. Additionally there are VERY controllable & sometimes purposefully unintelligible &semi-unresponsive grunts, as it strives to become more independent & wants to do things its own way instead of as requested by its Captain(s)! We have also noticed a proclivity for constantly eating whatever food it can get its hands on, thereby depleting the food stores. Even the replicators are having a hard time keeping up!

We obtained a new Starship (RE: car) this year, which replaced our prior ship. After 11 years, 150K-plus miles, a destroyed/rebuilt front left quarter, 3 damaged/replaced rear bumpers, & a few other repairs, it was time for a new one. Our new vehicle is still in its shakedown cruise period, and we are expecting that the oncoming Ionic Storms (RE: Snow) and Spatial Disturbances (RE: Ice) will sufficiently put it through its paces.

My assignment with my current workplace is still going strong. I am just about to complete my third year, and looking forward to the next. There were some concerns over the Warp Engine Intermix ratio (RE: splitting of specific sub-companies out of the larger corporation, into their own separate component entities), but Engineering appears to have gotten this under control and for the most part should completely sorted out in the next 2-3 months.

So overall, things are generally good, Ship Shape, and Life moves on into another year.

End Personal Log.


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