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Earlier today, we were driving on the Alewife parkway, past Cambridge, heading toward Rt 93, on a particularly curvy section of the road.  There was a man on a motorcycle in front of us who must have hit a patch of leaves or a slick spot on the road because in the blink of an eye, he went from upright, to  down on his right side, sparks flying out behind him, coming from the side of his bike that was skidding on the road. I watched this in horror & slammed on the brakes to not run into/over him, and with much relief we came to a stop with a car length to spare! I hit on the hazards, stopping all traffic behind me and jump out to help him. This guy thankfully had all the right gear on, and although he is shaken up, he is already standing up & trying to pick up his bike. Another person from the side of the road also reaches the guy, at the same time I do, and we all push his bike off to the side of the road, the handlebars are definitely askew, and bike is leaking some sort of fluid, he's not driving it away, but THANKFULLY, he was walking away from it, no worse for the wear.


I've never seen a motorcycle go down before, other than in the movies, and the fact that it happened right in front of me, scared the hell out of me. I never got his name, but when he thanked me & shook my hand, the look of relief, and gratitude was very apparent on his face. I'm SO glad that I had the quick reflexes to stop in time, and then my wits about me to get out there and help, and most importantly, that he was ok.


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